摘要:    网友情感咨询:    我168cm,43公斤,Acup,皮肤白,银行职员,长相大概五分。老公173cm,80公斤,在家帮忙做事,4分。我


我168cm,43KG,A cup,白皮肤,银行员工,相貌大约五分。丈夫173cm,80公斤,在家里帮助办事,四分。我部他非处,均独,我家世好于他,是大学同学。早期我曾经爆过PU,中后期调整。平常他很懂得为我掏钱,室内装修结婚费用均他们家出示,花销大约150万余元,新房是爸爸妈妈房子翻修。这几天他跟我说能否用新房用于抵押,适用他自主创业,我拒绝不同意。他不满意我的回应,说他仅仅试探我,实际上不容易用于抵押。他认为是大家一同的房子,自身能够决策家中大事儿,还说他投入许多,说我算的精了,因而而大吵一架。我不开心憋屈,第二天早晨他又帮我说抱歉,说他不对,我没理他。他常常那样,前一天惹你生气,第二天当没事儿产生又来约你。花镇教师您曾说过,假如男生不理你你也就没理他,假如他来约你你就需要好好地回复。但是当一切没产生过我又做不到。我不会聊天,解决事情不坚决。(碰到感情问题手足无措,加上\/信:领到专业分析)

丈夫用抵押新房来试探我 我要原谅吗?






Internet users' emotional consultation:
I'm 168cm, 43kg, a cup, white skin, bank employee, about five points in appearance. Husband 173cm, 80kg, help at home, 4 points. My family is better than him. I am a college student. In the early stage, I had a PU explosion, and I adjusted it in the middle and later stage. Usually, he knows how to pay for me. The cost of interior decoration and marriage is shown by his family, which costs about 1.5 million yuan. The new house is renovated by mom and dad. These days, he told me whether he could use the new house for mortgage and apply it to his own business, but I refused to agree. He was not satisfied with my response, saying that he was only testing me and that it was not easy to use it as a mortgage. He thinks it's the house we all live in together, and he can make decisions on major issues at home. He also says that he has put in a lot of money and that I'm good at calculation, so he has a big fight. I'm not happy. The next morning, he said sorry for me. He said he was wrong. I ignored him. He often does that. He makes you angry the day before and asks you out the next day when nothing happens. Huazhen teacher, you have said that if the boy ignores you, you will ignore him. If he comes to ask you, you need to reply well. But when it doesn't happen, I can't do it. I don't know how to talk. I'm not determined to solve things. (I'm at a loss when I encounter emotional problems, plus I've received professional analysis)
Response of Huazhen, an authoritative expert of Xinmu emotion:
1、 Tell me the truth
It's right for you to tell him the truth about your inner thoughts and say that you will not mortgage. Just in that way, your husband will not have the assets to start his own business, and you can't improve everyone's living standard by doing business, and you can't look down on his lack of money. If you are very satisfied with today's chemical level, it is not easy for everyone to have a big problem. (I'm at a loss when I encounter emotional problems, plus I've received professional analysis)
2、 You don't have to send negative emotions after turning things over
You've already got a lot of things based on gender advantages, including the design of the wedding house and the cost of getting married. Now that he said that he wanted to mortgage the house, he turned the page in the past. Don't give them too much face on this matter, and don't make trouble for him on other things. If you send them too many negative emotions, they are very easy to move other thoughts: they don't really mortgage, just tentatively ask, you all have this mentality, it's not as good as mortgage immediately. That's not worth the loss. It's as if a person didn't steal, but they didn't torture him as a thief. Then he is likely to become a thief next time when he is sad.